We all want to be great

Whether it is at work, at home or at play we want to be the best we can be and we want the best for those around us, especially our families. Making Great… is committed to providing tools and resources to parents, communities and organizations that want to reach Great potential..

Mike McIndoe has years of experience and proven success working with Great Kids and providing effective organizational leadership and leadership coaching. Mike’s entire career has been focused on Making Great…Kids, Communities and Organizations.

Great Kids, The Traits They Share is a Making Great Publication that provides Mike the opportunity to speak with passion and experience on the key question: Why are some kids so successful? In his book Mike shares the lessons he has learned from thousands of Great Kids after more than thirty years as an educator. These lessons are valuable to anyone interested in helping youth attain Great status.

Parenting Today provides a series of very contemporary community workshops (using the book Great Kids, The Traits They Share) aimed at preparing today’s parents with the tools and resources they need to nurture Greatness in their kids. A very similar series of parallel Parenting Today workshops are also available, presented from a Christian Worldview perspective.

Workshops are also available on a wide range of organizational and leadership topics. Whether it is as an engaging speaker discussing the implications of the Social Media Revolution or providing individual leadership coaching, Mike can help develop Greatness in a wide range of organizations and individuals.