Independent Children of Principled Character: Great Kids!

I have been lucky enough to work with tens of thousands of kids over the last thirty plus years.  I have always been interested in those kids whom I have identified as Great Kids.  I know that these Great Kids are neither a genetic fluke nor the accidental by-product of random parenting practices.  Great Kids, I have witnessed, have parents that nurture responsibility, self-confidence and independence in their children.  They also see how one of the primary strategies in developing true independence is to allow children to accept responsibility for the decisions they make on their journey to adulthood.

These two concepts form what I call the prime directive of parents.  This prime directive is the basis of the first conversation in the book, Great Kids: The Traits They Share. If early parenting efforts and practices pay attention to this prime directive, our Kids will enter their tweens and teens with a much greater chance of success.

It is like a pyramid. Self-confidence and independence give parents a base upon which to parent and our kids a base on which to grow. Great Kids who sail smoothly through adolescence (and many do) invariably do so with the essential characteristics of self-confidence, independence, and a clearly developed sense of natural consequence. Great Kids who often struggle through adolescence but still attain success can usually credit their “turning point” to an individual or situation, that allowed them to recognize and develop these essential characteristics. 

Whether you are a parent who is struggling, an old hand at great parenting or someone who is in a position of trust and influence, pay attention to this prime directive. It can be life changing in the development of independent children of principled character,  Great Kids.