Parenting Today

Educator, author and parent, Mike McIndoe has recognized that there is an intersection between current parenting research and successful, intuitive, parenting skills. Great Kids, he contends, have successful parents who intuitively follow the advice of many current parenting experts.

Parenting Today community workshops examine this intersection of successful intuitive parenting and current parenting research, equipping parents with a few more tools, options and resources to bring to their parenting repertoire.

Community Workshop topics include:

  • Beginning parenting with an end in mind:
    The Prime Directive of all parents, Independence, Exploration and Natural Consequence
  • Attachment:
    Providing the emotional and support networks necessary for Great Kids
  • The Building blocks of Great Kids:
    Self-confidence, Self-Awareness and Self Esteem.
  • Dare to Parent:
    The alternative is unthinkable.

A similar set of workshops, presented from a Christian perspective is available.

Christian workshops topics include:

  • Understanding the Christian Worldview and our call to Parent.
  • The Prime Directive of all Parents: Nurturing independent Children of Principled Character.
  • Attachment: Providing the emotional/personal support network for Great Kids
  • The Foundational basis for faith building in Christian kids: Self-Confidence, Self-awareness and Self-esteem.
  • Dare to Parent: The alternative is unthinkable.

Contact Mike at for more information on parenting today workshops. Mike can provide other workshops based upon any of the conversations from Great Kids The Traits They Share, simply contact him.